Affiliate Disclosure

Throughout our business, we consider the trust of our readers to be our top priority, which is why we are consistently straightforward about what we do and how we make money.

We make profits on this site through our activities:

  • Affiliate commissions
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  • Our own products

We are associated with Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate promotion solution intended to serve as a means for us to earn commissions by linking to and related web pages. We participate in the sales of the high-level items associated with these programs, and most of them are brands that we believe in.

Before co-branding a deal, we assess the viability of the company and our part.

At times, we will put disclaimers on all sponsored content. In addition, we may indicate in various locations, in summary form, that sponsored content is different from editorial content. We’ll also make sure advertising and sponsored content lines are sufficiently distinct.

We may remove or reject any content at our sole discretion that is deemed false, misleading, deceptive, potentially dangerous, or illegal, or that may or may not be in violation of LAPTOP LIKES brand guidelines.